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[platform-help-dev] Help for infocenter in eclipse ---how to open specific topic

Hi experts!
I was wondering if there is a way to set help html files mapping to some kind of topic key, so I could open the specific topic in the browser.
My case is I  have  help buttons on my jsp pages( my web app was deployed into
anohter web server ). when user click the help button, I hope to bring up
the specific help topic from infocenter.
so far, what I can do is ,
      String[] options = new String[] { "-eclipsehome", "d:/eclipse",
                                          "-host", "localhost",
                                          "-port", "8001" };
                _infocenter = new
org.eclipse.help.standalone.Infocenter( options );

If I have topic foo and topic bar,
when user click help button for topic foo, I would like to open the
topic foo, It seems I can add foo.html in the above link. like

but I'm thinking if there is a way to set html file mapping to some
topic key.
for example, I can add some parameters similiar like below.

and the eclipse help web index.jsp know which topic should be open.

Thanks a lot.


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