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Re: [platform-help-dev] Is embedded browser preferred in stand-alone help.

Thanks, Konrad, that's exactly what we need:  "closing a help browser
should cause the stand-alone help server to shut-down."  We have a
standalone help launcher app that has two buttons, one that calls
help.display(), and a "Close" button for help.shutdown().  It's awkward
when the user closes the help browser but the launcher app is still hanging
around waiting for the Close button to be clicked.  I'll put in a feature
request as you suggested and hopefully we can bypass this launcher app in
the future.

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                                       Re: [platform-help-dev] Is embedded 
                                       browser preferred in stand-alone    


Thanks for your comments.

If you need closing stand-alone help to close the browser, here is what
happens:  Closing stand-alone help would result in closing of embedded help
browser (in both cases 2.1 or 3.0 if we decide to provide the embedded
browser with stand-alone).  There is no way for help to close the system
browser (that is launched using swt.Program.execute() ).  There is another
browser adapter "custom browser" that is implemented such that help is
launching C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\IEXPLORE.EXE.  This browser
adapter implementation could probably be enhanced to kill the process when
help is shut down, but using this browser adapter is not desired in the
stand-alone help scenario as the path to the browser is rather static (set
in preferences), and there is no UI for user to point to the correct
executable if it is wrong.  In any case, you would need to shut-down
stand-alone help to cause browsers to close (it might not do anything if
help will use system browser as explained above).

I think you might be concerned for this to work the other way - closing a
help browser should cause the stand-alone help server to shut-down.  It is
an interesting suggestion, and useful for use cases when help is started
from command line.  If this is what you need, than displaying help in the
embedded browser that is run in the same process will allow for this to be
implemented.  You can open a feature request for help.  I feel this closing
behavior should be allowed (as an option).

Konrad Kolosowski
Eclipse Help System

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                                       Re: [platform-help-dev] Is embedded
                                       browser preferred in stand-alone

Thanks for asking about this.  I prefer having standalone help run with the
SWT GUI.  The drawback with 2.x was that we had to write an application
whose sole purpose was to shut down the help server.  Would we have to do
this if the standalone help displayed in the system browser?   It would be
great if closing the help also closes the underlying processes.

Thank you for all the hard work!


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             Please respond to

Help for a workbench is shown in embedded browser by default (on Windows
and Linux).  Yes, the embedded help browser is back in M8, and this time it
runs in the same process as Eclipse (sharing SWT event loops with Eclipse
application).  The embedded browser however does not work as is in the
stand-alone help, and some effort is required to fix it.

I would like to learn whether products using stand-alone help prefer seeing
embedded help browser, or a system browser opened when calling stand-alone


Konrad Kolosowski
Eclipse Help System

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