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Re: [platform-help-dev] Eclipse infocenter as Windows service - Is it possible?

Some suggestions:
1.  You can eliminate eclipse.exe process by passing -noexec parameter when
starting infocenter.
2.  Make sure that you run Infocenter with minimal set of plug-ins, that do
not include any UI plug-ins.  In case any UI plugins got accidentally
activated and Display got created (even without any window shown),
application might have a hard time staying around with display invalidated
when user logs off.
3.  The command that starts infocenter
(org.eclipse.help.standalone.Infocenter class) is only a
controller/launcher of the actual Eclipse with infocenter application.  You
run another instance of the controller when you shutdown the infocenter
from command line.  What might be the problem is that you made a controller
process a service and it launches eclipse as regular application that
Windows might not considered as part of the service.  For example: Running
java -cp plugins\org.eclipse.help.base_3.0.0\helpbase.jar
org.eclipse.help.standalone.Infocenter -data ic -command start -port 80
-debug -noexec
starts the controller that end up launching (you can see this command by
passing -debug)
You want the second process to stay around after logging off.  Without
changing help code, consider creating a service wrapper for the second
process only.

To properly make infocenter a service, I think it is necessary to create
native launcher, similar to eclipse.exe that would load Java VM but would
also properly react to service life cycle events and could be compiled as
such.  There might be a need to make a small change in help Java code to
provide a hook for the native code to pass an event to close.
Contributions welcome.

Konrad Kolosowski
Eclipse Help System

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We are trying to create a windows service for our Eclipse infocenter 2.1.1.

As we have found out, if the user who started Eclipse server logoffs, the
server will go down. This is not a problem in UNIX as we run Eclipse in the
background but a major problem in Windows. So we will need to create a
Windows service. Our windows service does start up and Eclipse help is
working, but when the user finally logs off, the JVM dies (though
eclipse.exe is still running but as a dangling thread).

Is this due to the fact that Eclipse help infocenter does not return? We
have tried various options against the vm including using "-Xrs" option in
the -vmargs. Nothing seems to work.

Can Eclipse infocenter not run as a Windows service?