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Re: [platform-help-dev] Eclipse infocenter as Windows service - Is it possible?

I assume you're starting the "service" on Windows by adding a batch file 
to the startup folder of some particular user? That's not a true Windows 
service, so it's not a surprise that you're running into problems.

True Windows services require a DLL that defines entry points for the 
start and stop methods of the underlying application, so that Windows can 
cleanly start and shutdown the underlying application. See 
for more details.

If you create a Windows service that starts and stops the Eclipse help 
system, you should consider contributing the code to the Eclipse open 
source project.


platform-help-dev-admin@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote on 17/02/2004 10:23:37 AM:

> Hi,
> We are trying to create a windows service for our Eclipse infocenter 
> As we have found out, if the user who started Eclipse server 
> logoffs, the server will go down. This is not a problem in UNIX as 
> we run Eclipse in the background but a major problem in Windows. So 
> we will need to create a Windows service. Our windows service does 
> start up and Eclipse help is working, but when the user finally logs
> off, the JVM dies (though eclipse.exe is still running but as a 
> dangling thread). 
> Is this due to the fact that Eclipse help infocenter does not 
> return? We have tried various options against the vm including using
> "-Xrs" option in the -vmargs. Nothing seems to work. 
> Can Eclipse infocenter not run as a Windows service?
> Thanks.
> Julia