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Re: [platform-help-dev] Product Extension for Eclipse IC/Help System?

Help uses services provided by Eclipse platform to obtain documentation
contributions.  The actual location of documentation plugins is completely
transparent to the help system.  Help is not even aware of existence of
"plugins" directory under eclipse.
In the future, post questions not related to development of Eclipse on user
news groups, "eclipse.platform" group - in the case of question on help.

Konrad Kolosowski
Eclipse Help System

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Eclipse has this notion of "extension point" that the documentation feature
takes advantage of so that documentation may be added to an Eclipse
Installation by merely adding a documentation plugin to the \plugins
directory of the Eclipse Installation.

Eclipse also has the notion of an "extension" (or "product extension")
whereby plugins are placed in an Eclipse extension directory. This Eclipse
extension directory does not contain a JRE, the Eclipse engine or the
fundamental plugins necessary to run the Eclipse platform. Instead, this
directory contains additional plugins that may be linked to 1 or more
Eclipse installations. This linking permits an Eclipse Installation to
register (and use) the plugins located in the Eclipse extension directory.
Typically linking is done by creating a file in the eclipse\links directory
of a given Eclipse Installation. This file contains a property "file" (i.e.
a Java property) which sites the specific directory within the Eclipse
extension directory where the desired plugin resides.

I am curious how these two notions function together in regard to
documentation plugins: is it possible for documentation plugins to be
listed in an Eclipse extension directory and linked to a given Eclipse
installation? Will the documentation for these plugins, listed in this
Eclipse extension directory, be available via the Help System or IC? If
appropriate, will these items be listed in the TOC?

I'm a newbie to Eclipse and the Eclipse mailing-lists, so please forgive me
if this topic is mis-directed. Please also forgive the length of this
message (I wanted to be clear- if only to myself- what is meant by
"extension point" and "product extension").