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Re: [platform-help-dev] Using the Tomcat engine to serve other information

A couple of more comments on my previous note: if you want to depend on internal classes that may or may not exist (someone could actually replace tomcat), you can get a handle to the TomcatAppServer class and use its start() method with the appropriate parameters (you just need to pass a webapp name, an arbitrary location, and, optionally, a class loader).


Probir Mukerjee <probir_mukerjee@xxxxxxxxxx>
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02/04/2004 02:11 PM

Please respond to

[platform-help-dev] Using the Tomcat engine to serve other information


Is it possible to configure the tomcat engine that is shipped with Eclipse to serve other information that may not be part of Eclipse?

Is there a way to configure it, so that it can serve other servlets and other html documents which are not stored in any Eclipse plugin?

If it is possible, could you tell me how that can be done?

Thank you,