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Re: [platform-help-dev] Breadcrumb trail

You cannot change what is displayed above navigation by changing any
preference.  This functionality would need to be added, but there are
issues that do not make it just incremental add on to the help function.

Eclipse help system has one important characteristic.  The same topic or
whole subtrees can be repeated multiple times in various places in the
navigation.  This makes a location of any given topic not guaranteed to be
unique.  This early design decision has many advantages, but in this case
can lead to bread crumb displayed being different than expected.  This is a
similar problem to what you reported in
https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=43525 when using the
synchronize button.

Konrad Kolosowski
Eclipse Help System

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Is it possible to change the behavior of the the label that displays above
the contents frame? Currently the label shows the current top-level book,
but it would be nice if it showed a breadcrumb trail showing the name of
the top-level category and the sub-categories below it, for example
Developing > Developing store business logic > Tutorial: Creating new
business logic . For deeply nested topics elipses could be used to indicate
the omitted categories.

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