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Re: [platform-help-dev] help server cannot resolve plugin-id


WebappManager uses the following calls to Eclipse core to obtain real
directory of the webapp:

URL webappURL=IPluginDescriptor.find(path); // where path is new
Path("web/deployment") in your case
String webappLocation = Platform.resolve(webappURL).getFile();

If the first line returns null, you get CoreException with the message.
If the second line throws IOException you get CoreException with the
message and original IOException.
I have just changed the message to say that the path is not found (not the
plug-in) and to differentiate between the two.

My suggestions:
Ensure the plug-in has finished initializing before you call
Ensure the directory "web/deployment" exists (it is packaged correctly with
the plug-in when run outside of PDE).
Debugging WebappManager.getWebappPath() may be needed, but the problem does
not show when run in PDE.  You can open a bug against PDE regarding
different behavior, or open a bug against Help, and we will investigate or
forward a bug where appropriate.  Just attach a sample plug-in(s), to
reproduce the problem.

Konrad Kolosowski

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I'm trying to use the help server to start a web application from within
one of my plugins using the following code (which is called from an action)

             new Path("web/deployment"));

where "descriptor" is the instance of IPluginDescriptor which is handed
to my plugin during initialization and the ID returned is correct as
well. However, I get a CoreException with the message

"Location of plug-in <my-correct-plug-in-id> cannot be resolved".

The ID is correct and the Plug-in was obviously initialized as the code
is called from an action my plugin contributes. What makes it even
stranger is that this code works fine, when I run it in the PDE. The web
application starts and serves requests under the correct location. This
leads me to believe that the message in the CoreException thrown by the
WebappManager is misleading as it seems to be something else.

btw this behaviour has been the same from 3.0M4 - M6 (I'm not sure about
earlier versions).

I would be grateful for any hints.



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