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[platform-help-dev] Assembling a single searchable Lucene index from multiple Eclipse instances?

Hi, Inventive Help Developers:

Assume that I have a number of documentation plugins spread across several
Eclipse instances.  Each plugin ID is unique across all of the Eclipse

So now I want a federated search across my Eclipse instances.  That is, I
want to run a search against all of my Eclipse instances and to be able to
open a match in the appropriate Eclipse instance.

It looks like I can write a very simple Java application that executes
org.apache.lucene.index.IndexWriter.addIndexes() to merge the indexes from
the Eclipse instances to create one large index.  If the application also
harvests a mapping of plugin IDs to Eclipse instances, the application
could then construct a URL for a matched topic in the appropriate Eclipse

Based on the Eclipse use of Lucene, does that approach seem plausible and

Thanks in advance for any insights,

Erik Hennum
ehennum AT us DOT ibm DOT com