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Re: [platform-help-dev] IHelpContentProducer filter for XSLT?

Absolutely. That would make a pretty nice solution.

You could also have the XSL included by each doc, and have the transformation done inside the browser, but that would probably require browser specific code.


Erik Hennum <ehennum@xxxxxxxxxx>
Sent by: platform-help-dev-admin@xxxxxxxxxxx

10/16/2003 06:26 PM

Please respond to

[platform-help-dev] IHelpContentProducer filter for XSLT?

Regarded Help Developers:

Looking at bug 37676, the IHelpContentProducer interface, and the
org.eclipse.help.contentProducer extension point, it's exciting to have
this functionality available.

Would it make sense for a content producer to act as a filter?  That is,
can a content producer call a getInputStream(String pluginID, String href,
Locale locale) API to read a content file from a documentation plugin and
modify the content before returning it through a different input stream?

In particular, could a filter read an XML content file from a documentation
plugin and execute a cached XSLT script to filter and transcode the
contents, returning the generated XHTML?  Possibly determining the
appropriate XSLT script based on an extension point for the documentation
plugin?  Could that be a powerful solution for a common scenario?


Erik Hennum
ehennum AT us DOT ibm DOT com

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