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[platform-help-dev] bringing browser window to the front for standalone Java application?

Foresightful Help Developers:

We're using Standalone Eclipse 2.1.1 Help on Windows.  If the help window
is already open, a help request displays in the window but the window
doesn't come to the front, so the help request appears to have done

Is there a way to ensure that a display request brings the help window to
the front?

I looked at org.eclipse.help.internal.standalone.StandaloneHelp,
org.eclipse.help.internal.standalone.EclipseController, and
but didn't see anything.

Given that it's a browser window, I assume there's no way to get a Java
reference to the window and use AWT calls to bring it to the front.

The help is displaying in IE 6.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions,

Erik Hennum
ehennum AT us DOT ibm DOT com