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Re: [platform-help-dev] Location of doc.zip

A deployed plugin should have doc.zip at the plugin root directory.
However, during develpment, you can place it wherever is more convenient. In fact, you should probably not need to have a doc.zip during development, but just a folder "help" that contains all the help topics. You can modify your build script (build.xml) to package the help files into doc.zip when you build the entire plugin.


Michael Stewart/Cambridge/IBM@Lotus
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08/28/2003 12:57 PM
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Can doc.zip be located in a folder below the plugin folder? My developer
would like to use a folder structure like:


When I do this, the help TOC appears in the navigation pane, but Eclipse
cannot find the topics themselves. If I put the HTML files in the help
folder as separate files, Eclipse finds them just fine. however, Eclipse
does not appear to search doc.zip when it is in a folder within the plugin

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