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[platform-help-dev] Invoking help


One of our development teams is building a Java app and plan to use a
stand-alone (local) implementation of the Eclipse help system for online
help -- help buttons launch Eclipse with specific task content.  We're
following the instructions found at:

which state:
The stand-alone help system allows passing number of options that can be
used to customize various aspects of the help system. The following options
are supported:
      -eclipsehome eclipseInstallPath - specifies Eclipse installation
      directory. This directory is a parent to "plugins" directory and
      eclipse executable. The option must be provided, when current
      directory from which infocenter is launched, is not the same as
      Eclipse installation directory.

   5. To invoke help when needed:

      You can also call help on specific primary TOC files or topics:


We're trying to use a system environment variable containing a root path
(such as %DB2HOME%) for finding  "-eclipsehome", but Eclipse doesn't appear
to allow the shell to handle it.

Does anyone know of a way to do this?

Thanks and regards,


Lindsay R. Bennion
Data Management User Technology

Notes mail:  Lindsay Bennion/Silicon Valley/IBM
E-mail:  lindsayb@xxxxxxxxxx