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[platform-help-dev] Accessibility problem when in high contrast mode

Hello all,

The System Test team for the project I am currently working on has raised
an accessibility issue. This is the text of the defect they raised:

I have been playing with changing system settings while using the
InfoCenter in order to see if we comply with the IBM accessibility
guidelines.  One of the guidelines is that gui's should be usable in high
settings such as high contrast black/white.

If you change your display properties appearance to either of these and
then try to navigate through the InfoCenter you will notice that you
often cannot see any focus in the TOC. With normal settings you can always
see where the focus is.

We are currently using version 2.0.1.

I would be pleased to hear your views regarding this issue.

Thanks in advance,


Eduardo Angel
CICS User Technologies
IBM Hursley Laboratories
Hicom 24-5683
External Phone 01962 81 5683
e-mail: eddie.angel@xxxxxxxxxx