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[platform-dev] Headless ant - issues


I am not really sure if this is correct group, but I'll try.

Running an Ant task which uses Eclipse API is dangerous, because it can activate UI plugins *indirectly*, because UI plug-ins contribute f.e. error handling mechanism to core plug-ins. Even if ui plug-in starts with exception, extensions still are picked up and can cause a lot more errors.

I have seen in the bugzilla new ant target "org.eclipse.ant.ui.antRunner" which provides workbench - I do not believe that launching UI is a solution for headless problems - it cannot be called headless anymore.

Couldn't we just assure that no ui plug-in is loaded in headless mode? Or create system solution for this problem (additional property of a plug-in, which indicates if it can be used in headless mode?).
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