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[platform-dev] Re: Problem porting to Mac

Hi to everybody!


I already know what is happening thanks to Mr. Kevin Barnes of IBM. He said the problem was that as the Apple JVM 1.6 is built only for 64-bit systems it can not use the carbon library, which was the cause of make the jvm crash, is built only in 32-bit.


I see now that a solutions now are:


1.     Wait for the Swt Cocoa port; because cocoa is built for 64-bit systems, but I do not think my boss would be very happy with this as he wants the Mac version of the application for now.

2.     Try to compile some Open Source JRE compatible with Java 1.6 specifications for 32-bit. I think this is the best solution.

3.     Port the application to Java 1.5. I commented my boss this option days ago and he said it was impossible.

I would give my thanks to everybody; specially to Mr Kevin Barnes.