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[platform-dev] eclipse product configuration extension gives errors

Dear all,
I am creating a plug-in that uses the Apache Derby database.
I added the Apache Derby plug-in's in a separate directory and created a link file to this directory.
I restarted Eclipse and checked whether the plugins were available using Help > About Eclipse SDK and indeed they are shown.
Now I created simple HelloWorld plug-in.
The moment I try to add the Derby nature I get an error message saying that my project is missing the required libraries ... org.apache.derby.core derby.jar, derbyclient.jar, derbynet.jar, derbytools.jar
When I look into the properties of my project under Java Build Path I can see the derby jar-files are available. I can also see that the Plug-in dependencies include these jar-files.
The error log says also the project cannot be built until build path errors are resolved .
Frankly I am a bit lost.
When I add the plugins to the Eclipse plugin directory there is no problem.
When I add them using add extension location in the product configuration manager, I have the same problem.
Can anyone help me out and explain what is wrong here ?

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