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[platform-dev] Error parsing WSDL

Hello all,

I'm new here, I'm new to eclipse, I'm new to webservices and I'm not even an
Eclipse developer, but I couldn't manage to find a users newsgroup (please
point me there if there is one).

I'm trying to make Eclipse generate java code (and anything else is needed
for that matter) for a webservice consumer. 
ProjectName, right click, New, Other, Web Services, Web Service Client,
Then I enter http://www.impresaxp.it/wstest/wsuserslist.asmx?WSDL , Next,
Finish and I get:

IWAB0014E Unexpected exception occurred.
  invalid segment: it/WebServices/wsUsersList.goaling
      java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: invalid segment:

Now I suspect this is an Eclipse bug for two reasons:
1. NetBeans understands well the same wsdl
2. The wsdl doesn't contain the string "it/WebServices/wsUsersList.goaling"
anywhere, but it does contain the
string "goaling.it/WebServices/wsUsersList"

However I could be wrong 'cause I'm so new to webservices that I cannot
distinguish a valid wsdl from crap. Could anyone please check if it's
problem of the wsdl, or a Eclipse bug, or my mistake?

Thanks in advace.