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[platform-debug-dev] Should cloned views show up in 'Show View' menu?


I just noticed that if I clone a debug view (registers, expressions or variables, maybe memory),
and then use the 'Window->Show View' menu, there will be multiple entries for the view type,
one for each opened view.  So, you can end up with 3 or 4 or 10 entries in the menu for
"Variables" (for example).

Is this intentionally?
My knee-jerk reaction was that it was a bug, but I've checked and see this behavior 
in 3.7 as well.

Note that I can see this using 3.8, but not 4.2, as there is a bug in 4.2 that has the entire
menu empty currently; but I suspect once that bug is fixed, the same situation will
be visible in 4.2 (http://bugs.eclipse.org/378035).