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[platform-debug-dev] IToggleBreakpointsTargetFactory question



I am trying to understand the purpose of IToggleBreakpointsTargetFactory class in the platform debug plugin. This interface is meant to allow client to override the default toggle breakpoint action in the workbench. What I am not sure about this interface is why there is a need to have different “active” toggle breakpoint target for a workbench part? For example, if I have a CDebugger and my own debugger, than there are two toggle breakpoint adapters per workbench part. But the active target breakpoint adapter is independent per workbench part. i.e a CEditor can have a CDebugger breakpoint adapter active, while a disassembly view can have my breakpoint adapter active. Having be able to do this, which is flexible, but it required the user to known what is the active toggle breakpoint adapter per workbench part. Would it make thing easier if the active toggle adapter is global, rather than workbench part dependent? Am I doing something not correct here that causes the active toggle selection tied to the workbench part?


Also, why not the have the active debug session provides the target breakpoint adapter, this will eliminate user interaction. But if there is no debug session, than it should default to the current implementation.