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Re: [platform-debug-dev] getLaunchManager().launchConfigurationAdded/Changed not called for non-local LCs

Thanks for your reply, I just filed a bug (288368) for this issue.

Serge Beauchamp.
Software Engineer
Freescale Semiconductor

Darin Wright wrote:

We recently ran into a problem where new non-local Launch Configurations

created in were not available from the LaunchManager.getLaunchConfigurations() list when called synchronously in the same code path as the doSave() method.

Please file a bug for this. Calling LaunchManager.getLaunchConfigurations() after doSave() should result in the new configuration being present.

I investigated this issue and discovered that the LaunchConfigurationWorkingCopy.writeNewFile() implementation calls getLaunchManager().launchConfigurationAdded/Changed() only for local
For non local LCs, the update of the LaunchManager list relies on the Resource delta notification, which are perform asynchronously in a different thread.

This is an issue we have code that executes synchronously after a new LC

being created, and the LaunchManager does not contain the new LC.

Is this an oversight, could the writeNewFile() perform the Added/Changed

notfication for non-local LCs as well, or is there a design reason for this behavior?

Resource deltas are used such that importing files from CVS, deleting projects, etc., also results in updating the master list of configurations. We'd still need to use resource deltas for this, but the above mentioned case should work as well.


Darin Wright

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