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[platform-debug-dev] Breakpoint Enhancements



I have a call with Samantha and Natasha regarding breakpoint support in platform debug. Below is the consolidated list of requirements from the call and we are hoping some of these can be done for the next eclipse release (3.6?).


-          Convert breakpoint view to flexible hierarchy (238956) – See comment #7

o        Ability to group breakpoint based on active debug context, column support, In-place editing support

-          Dynamically contribute new breakpoint actions based on active debug context

o        Actions can be contributed to editor, variable view, _expression_ view, disassembly view, outline view, project view, memory view, and others

o        Have a central place to create new breakpoint for views and editors (227394) – such as Java Exception, Java Class Load Breakpoint, C++ Event Breakpoint, C++ Watchpoint, Line Breakpoint, etc..

-          Dynamic properties (attributes) page

o        There need to be a way to contribute breakpoint properties dynamically based on the active debug context. The properties page can be put in the details pane of the Breakpoints view or in a Properties dialog.

-          Scoping of breakpoints based on debug target

o        Scoping of breakpoints based on debug target

o        If the user has added a breakpoint on an invalid line, one target decides to move the breakpoint to a new location. Other targets get affected as well because they might not be able to move the breakpoint to the new location. We need a way to properly scope breakpoint to a debug target.


Additional requirements from my self since our discussion over the phone

-          Breakpoint hit / triggered indicator

o        Indicate when a breakpoint is hit and triggered

-          Ability to disable breakpoint modification, add, remove, and modify properties

o        Target might not be able to handle breakpoint request while target is running



-          CDT now provides a way to contribute breakpoint actions to the views and editors, these actions are tied to plugin.xml file. Debugger that do not work with CDT need to remove the actions to avoid duplication, which causes confusion to the user. So, there needs to be a way to contribute breakpoint actions based on the active debug context.

-          One thing that is not clear is how to handle breakpoint action without a debug context.

o        Will the platform provide generic breakpoint action contribution to create an offline breakpoint? The generic breakpoint can have a standard set of property and debugger can translate the standard properties to the backend flexible property when consuming the breakpoint.

o        When debuggers are launch, which debugger will consume the offline breakpoint? What policy?


I am hoping that the community can provide feedback and help me to gather additional requirements and I’ll be able spend times to help to extend the breakpoints support for the next eclipse release.