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[platform-debug-dev] Variable Access Size in a Memory Block


I am looking at the requirement for having variable access size in the
memory block again:

I question if this support should really be added to the debug platform or
if it should be implemented in the debug adapter itself.  (e.g. in CDT,
DSF, etc.)  The access size seems to control the conversation between the
debug adapter and its debug engine.  The engine returns different values
based on an access size.  The UI is not really involved in this
conversation.  The UI's responsibility is to simply renders the content of
the memory block, regardless of how the memory is fetched from the backend.

It seems to me that the only UI requirement is to allow the user to specify
an access size for a range of memory.  This information is then passed onto
the debug engine when memory is required from the engine.  However, I would
consider this UI requirement to be specific to a type of debug adapter and
should not be put in the platform since not all adapters support variable
access size in a memory block.

Thoughts on this?