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[platform-cvs-dev] SSH Trouble


I checked out code in my project using the tortoise CVS client. Now I want to be able to use the CVS plugin once I have imported the code into my work space. The problem is that the code was checked out using ssh method so the method is :ssh: which the plugin fails to recognize and gives me the following error.

Invalid cvs repository location format :ssh:puneet@cvsserver:/cvsroot

the details pane shows this:
Invalid CVS repository location format: :ssh:puneet@cvsserver:/opt/cvsroot
 Location must have form ':methodname:[user[:password]@]host:[port]/path/to/cvsroot'
 Only the following methods are supported: pserver, ext, extssh, pserverssh2

I dont have an option of checking out the code again through the plugin.

Eclipse 3.2.2
Im using the CVS plugin that comes bundled with eclipse.

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