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Re: [platform-cvs-dev] CVS extssh session reuse


   +-From: "Kirk Wolf" <kirk@xxxxxxxxxxxx> --
   |_Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2008 13:37:25 -0600 __
   |I have a client that has a CVS / SSH server that requires a password
   |generated by a RSA hardware token.   Using Eclipse / CVS  works, but
   |requires that the use supply a new password every time that a Team/CVS
   |request is made.
   |Actually, the behavior is that several requests can be made reusing
   |the same SSH session, but if the session is inactive for a period of
   |time, then it is terminated and a new one is required.

I have found that Eclipse SDK 3.3's CVS plug-in has implicitly
enabled the functionality 'ServerAlive' and some packets have been
sent at every 60 seconds.  Do you mean that the interval '60 seconds'
is too short for your requirements?

I have modified the code to allow users to control the interval time.
If you think it is worth of being included in Eclipse SDK 3.4,
may I ask you to file the bugzilla entry?  I'll post a patch there for
reviews by others.

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