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Re: [platform-cvs-dev] CVS extssh session reuse


   +-From: "Kirk Wolf" <kirk@xxxxxxxxxxxx> --
   |_Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2008 13:37:25 -0600 __
   |Is there a way to increase the "keep alive" / time for reusing the
   |same SSH session?  I would even be willing to hack the source code if
   |someone could point me to the general area.

The ssh2 client included in Eclipse SDK has such a functionality
like OpenSSH's 'ServerAliveInterval' option, and
it is easy to enabale it.

I, however, have worried to enable it, by the default.  
I mean that, for example, dev.eclipse.org will get ssh accesses from 
many committers and those ssh connections will be kept until they 
terminate Eclipse.  Such a change may become an impact for CVS server admins.

How do you think?

If there is a toggle switch for keep-alive on the SSH's preference page,
it must be better.  Is it allowed us to change the UI in this timing?

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