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[platform-compare-dev] Compare/Patch contribution


Max Weninger did some did some enhancements and bug fixes
in the compare plugin specific to the needs of our product.

Specifically for the "Apply Patch" wizard.
But also in the compare plugin in general.

Are you interessted in looking into these changes
and possible use them as our contribution?

The following bugzilla entries are relevant to
these changes/fixes.

[Patch] Apply Patch deosn't preview changes against workspace

[Edit] Undo in compare

"c compare viewer" should show line-numbers

It is a large set of changes but could be splitted
in smaller pieces adressing specific bugzilla entries.

We would like to contribute those changes to eclipse.

Michael (on behalf of Max) -- Michael Scharf Wind River Systems GmbH http://www.WindRiver.com http://MichaelScharf.blogspot.com/