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[platform-compare-dev] Is subclassing of DiffNode recommended?

Thanks for your replies to my earlier post.
We are building a automerge plugin using Compare 3.0.0 API.
The DocumentRangeNode has a method replace(ITypedElement, ITypedElement), the documentation says as shown below:

"This method is called on a parent to add or remove a child, or to copy the contents of a child. What to do is encoded in the two arguments as follows: add: child == null other != null remove: child != null other == null copy: child != null other != null "

But implementation doesn't seem to follow that rule.

Does it mean that we have to implement this by subclassing DiffNode class overriding its copy(boolean) method to have the copy operation as per our requirement.

If we do so will it make the plugin compatible to the future changes carried out in Differencer.

Please comment.

Thanks & Regards,
Vikram Naik.