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Re: [platform-ant-dev] Export ant buildfile [was 3.1 M4 Plan]

Yeah Yeah! I should have noted that...

Here are my other major TODOs:
- Support for subprojects, user and system libraries
- Code cleanup
  -> externalize static helpers
  -> externalize method candidates (such lines have a describing
- The support for subprojects might imply to heavily re-arrange
  everything. So I delayed the clean up phase...
- More TODOs are stored in a comment in readme.html

Jared Burns wrote, On 11/24/04 20:30:
Would you be willing to contribute this code under the EPL

- Jared

On Wed, 2004-11-24 at 20:22 +0100, Richard Hoefter wrote:

Hi Darin,

today I saw the feature "export ant buildfile" on your project plan.
I don't know how much code is already written, but I started writing my
own export filter some time ago:


I'd love to see the feature in an official Eclipse.
Don't know if code contribution is appreciated, or if this is necessary.
Ask me if you are interested. Of course there are some TODOs on my

Kind regards,

PS: Bug 51382 Add "Export project to buildfile"

First cut of the M4 plan for the Ant integration is available at:

Comments appreciated