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RE: [platform-ant-dev] Apache Ant as feature

I forgot we had a bug in the 2.0 stream where the preferences were persisted in the default state even if the user had never made any changes. This is fixed in the 2.1 stream but that doesn't help you.
So if your plan is to provide this for customers before they have ever used Ant in the workspace (or looked at the preferences) it will work.
Otherwise, it would appear that you will need to delete the plugin preferences for the org.eclipse.ant.core plugin.


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02/06/03 10:43 AM
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This is great news (and makes sense). Then, perhaps, there are some subtle issues in the Ant preferences pane. Allow me to describe.
I have deployed a new version of org.apache.ant (1.5.1). When I bring up the Ant preferences pane, the Classpath URLs point to the ant.jar and optional.jar in org.apache.ant_1.4.1. However, when I click the 'Restore Defaults' button, the URLs are updated to org.apache.ant_1.5.1!
So, it seems the .metadata/plugins cache of prefs for Ant core are older than the defaults, but synchronizing the change is not happening - or am I missing something?
Thanks for your explanations.
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Thursday, February 06, 2003 8:31 AM
Re: [platform-ant-dev] Apache Ant as feature

I will answer the questions I can...the rest I would ask on eclipse.tools for help from the update committers.

- Why does org.eclipse.ant.core keep absolute location paths to Ant? Couldn't this be a variable so the org.eclipse.ant.core will just utilize the currently running version of the org.apache.ant plugin?

The absolute references are what is exposed to the user.  Underneath, that Ant core preferences will look for the org.apache.ant plugin, query that plugin for its runtime libraries (ant.jar, optional.jar) and then adds those URLs to the classpath.  

So if you replace the plugin, it should just work "automagically". You should not have to update the preferences at all.