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Re: [platform-ant-dev] A few questions

(1) Currently, the console automatically reveals output as it is appended to the console. As a "sort of" workaround, you can use a preference to set a fixed character width on the console. See the user preference "Debug -> Console", "Fixed width console".

(2) Yes - the ant view creates its own launch config to run scripts (I'm happy someone else has found this misleading). Currently there is no way to run a script in the background from the Ant view. There is a bug related to this issue: See


Darin (W)

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12/16/2002 01:45 PM
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        Subject:        [platform-ant-dev] A few questions

1) Is there anyway to stop the Console from scrolling horizontally for
long lines?  I still want the capability to scroll if I need to, but would
rather the console stay left aligned till I told it to move.

2) Is there any way to cause ant scripts run from the ant view to be run
in the background?  I tried creating a launch config for the script I was
running, but the ant view seems to create its own, and its always running
in the foreground.


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