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Re: [platform-ant-dev] Ant integration in Eclipse

Roscoe's Ant view allows you to search your workspace for Ant scripts and 
displays them for you in a view. Would this give you what you want?

- Jared
P.S. Roscoe, how are the code changes to the Ant view coming along?

On Tuesday 22 October 2002 01:49 am, Max Rydahl Andersen wrote:
> Great ideas - but one thing is still missing to make Ant integration as 
smooth as possible...
> An action simulating or working like ant -find build.xml
> It is what e.g. Emacs JDEE ant support does when it starts an ant build. 
> It uses the current selected resource (buffer in emacs) and search for a 
build.xml file
> from here and up to the root of the filesystem - or until it finds a 
build.xml and then ant
> starts chewing on this build.xml....
> And if the entering of which target one should use could be done with 
keyboard and a little
> help of completion instead of using the mouse to select a checkbox from a 
list of maybe 30 targets
> then it would be heaven :)
> What it is so great about this ? It is great because then you are not forced 
to go look for the correct build.xml manually - 
> neither in the package/resource view or in the predefined ant targets in the 
external tools menu - eclipse just takes the best
> guess and in this situation it will often be the correct one as the 
build.xml related to a resource is normally stored in one of its parent 
directories - and their can only be one build.xml when searching like that :)
> so - please add that to your goals for ant support, it should be breeze to 
implement :)
> /max