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[platform-ant-dev] New Eclipse Ant Support released into HEAD

Both plug-ins (org.eclipse.ant.core and org.eclipse.ant.ui) that contain 
the new Ant support were released into HEAD at dev.eclipse.org and will be 
available on the next nightly build.
If instead of taking the nightly build you just checkout from CVS, make 
sure you run the build.xml script so that it generates the new libraries 
necessary to run.

+ Eclipse specific tasks (e.g. refreshLocal and incremental) will not work 
+ At the moment, it is not possible to add new tasks or types through the 
UI. Only URLs.
+ It is not persisting the state of your changes.

Although this is still a work in progress (at a very early stage), 
feedback (to the mailing list) would be appreciated.

Thanks and enjoy,