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Re: [php-dev] API and Extension Points List

I think the best summary of what have been done is:
1) The brief list of extension points, there is a Word document, which describes them (you can present only major
    extension points, like "phpModelListener", etc..)
2) Java package refactoring: only classes/interfaces related to our extension points are exposed, other classes
    where moved to package "org.eclipse.php.internal.*".
3) PDT plug-ins export all its packages that gives a possibility to use every class, even if it's a part of internal package.
(Eclipse should give a warning to the developer in that case).
This is an offtopic for our discussion, but after I've just overviewed existing extension points, I've seen that there
are new ones that have appeared after API changes. I suggest, if somebody adds a new extension point he sends to
this mailing list the proposal or, at least, a notification and description of what this extension point is supposed to do,
and how to use it.
Another suggestion may be, if we create new package add it to the Export List of plug-in (it should always contain "*", as we decided).

On 2/20/07, Yossi Leon <yossi@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi Michael,

I want to present the changes in the API as part of the release review and I want to have a summarize of the current API and extension points.

What do you think is the best way to describe it?