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[php-dev] PDT's Great - Improvement Suggestions


I'm new to the list and just recently picked up PDT, but before I go and put my bugs / quirks / enhancement suggestions into Bugzilla, I wanted to ping the mailing list first to make sure I'm not advocating things that people are already aware of / working on.

I've been developing in PHP for almost seven years now, and I've used dozens of different editors, ranging from Notepad (starting out) all the way to Zend Studio. I'm currently a ZDE License Holder, and there are things in it that I just can't live without. I recently picked Eclipse back up again, and after some time configuring it and getting everything setup the way I want it, it single-handedly eliminates six other applications that I use on a daily basis. I tried out the PDT Plug-In, and I must admit it's very good for where it is today, but I'm consistently missing some ZDE staples that I've grown very accustomed to.

One example is code inspection / outline reports on files that aren't managed in a project. My development is literally all over the place, and I could be working on over 4 or 5 things at once, and some things that don't necessarily reside in any actual project scope. The lack of inspection on these files is really troublesome and it also seems to effect code-formatting (I have to manually indent my code).

My next biggie is built-in FTP support. Which may be out of PDT's scope and could quite possibly reside in another Eclipse Plug-in that I haven't found, so far. If anyone could point me in the right direction there, I'd greatly appreciate it.

My last suggestion is not a ZDE feature (although, it's one I suggested and never got a response to), but I would REALLY love to see support for code-folding #region / #endregion like what's in Visual Studio. This isn't a deal-breaker by any means, but just something I would love to actually see in an IDE specifically designed for PHP.

If I could have those two main features plus some of the enhancements that I see already being worked on in Bugzilla, I would be sold on this plug-in and I think my new home in PHP Development would be set in stone.

I love the work being put into this, and I'm looking forward to all of the improvements, in the future.


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