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Re: [php-dev] is it possible for me to contribute to code-assist library?

Hi Dan,

This feature is not implemented yet.
Please submit a feature request at https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/


On 1/27/07, Dan Dean <danbigdean@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I'm wondering about code-completion and core class properties. Is it
possible to add these to the code completion library. I would
understand if this isn't very high on the to-do list, but is it
possible for me to contribute to this task?

As an example of my problem, I'd like to run this code and be supplied
with the DOMDocument properties available to me:

1. $dom = new DOMDocument();
2. $dom->load('path/to/file.xml');
3. $dom_root = $dom->documentElement;
4. $first_child = $dom_root->firstChild;
5. echo $dom->saveXML($dom_root);

In lines 3 and 4 I'm not prompted for the available properties
'documentElement' or 'firstChild'.

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