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[php-dev] RE: More on renaming PHP to PDT

Hi Anne,


Just to clarify, the packages are located in tools already, so there is no need to change it and as you wrote, the packages name will stay the same (php).

As for the others:

1. Site - the only thing that need to be changed is the url, since all other content in the site is already changed to pdt. We just need to make sure that the eclipse.org/php will direct people to pdt page.

2. Mailing lists and newsgroup – Does the change remove the entire and existing newsgroup posts? We have more than 1000.



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From: Anne Jacko [mailto:emo@xxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Wednesday, January 24, 2007 10:04 AM
To: Yossi Leon
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Subject: More on renaming PHP to PDT




This message is to clarify a bit on our earlier discussion about what needs to be done because of the name change to PDT. Thanks.


As specified earlier, the bugzilla, website, mailing lists, and newsgroups all must be renamed

The code must be moved from /cvsroot/technology to /cvsroot/tools. This move can be made at the file system level and not lose any history. 

The package names in the code (e.g., org.eclipse.php.foobar) in the files do not need to be renamed.


Anne Jacko

Development Process Operations Support