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RE: [php-dev] XDebug support for PHP IDE

Hi Dave,

I think you are right and we should provide multiple debug options for
our users. I am not sure that we can make this for 0.7 since it's very
close and we don't want to make too many changes.

What do you think should be changed in the PDT to make it generic for
all debuggers?

Yossi Leon
Product Manager, Development Tools
& PDT Project Leader
yossi@xxxxxxxx http://www.zend.com/ +1-212-645-0040

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I was wondering if you had any comments, suggestions etc for the XDebug
support I posted on Bugzilla for PHP IDE. It would be really good to
XDebug support properly integrated into PHP IDE as I am getting loads of
questions about when will it use the same GUIs rather than having
launch entries etc which would be best tackled integrating this support
into PHP IDE.

I think it would be great for PHP IDE to support different debug
implementations as PHP itself doesn't have a standard debug engine. If
there is anything you need me to do to help this along, please let me

Dave Kelsey

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