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Re: [php-dev] Nightly Builds

Dear Roy,

Hope you won't mind if I ask you a simple question which may not be clear from the pose I made early.

I am using PDT project 0.7 stable build - I am not sure why the line numbering does not work. I enabled line numbering in Text Editors. I am lost without having a line numbering feature.



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Subject: [php-dev] Nightly Builds

New in the download page


From now on the nightly process produces a nightly PDT package.

This build is addressed to agile testers and users who want to help us getting feedback on our new features of the PDT project.


Download page: http://download.eclipse.org/tools/php/downloads/index.php


Important notice:

  1. If you open a bug while using nightly packages it is very important to notify it in the description of the bug.
  2. Nightly builds are released without any preliminary test so it can miss some of the PDT features.




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