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RE: [php-dev] Class method autocompletion

If you get the right completion after using (ctrl + space) and your triggers are set correctly as you say – then yes it’s a bug.

If you don’t have completion at all you should check your project configuration.



Guy Gurfinkel





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Hi people,


First, I'm sorry for asking this on the -dev list, I didn't find a

-users list or a relevant bug report.

I'm new to both Eclipse and the PHP plugin, and was wondering whether

there is any method completion functionality already.

In the 'PHP Project Outline' at the left bottom of the window, I have

all my classes and their methods and properties in a tree view, so my

source tree is recognized and parsed fine.

However when I type this in a new file, it doesn't show a list of method

names after $test:

$test = new Classname();


At this point I would expect a popup list with the available methods and

(non-private) properties.


In the configuration of PHP IDE are some configuration options in PHP ->

Editor -> Code Assist, and the are all turned on. According to those

(default) values, it should trigger the autocomplete on the '>' character.

Is this a bug, or is this not yet implemented, or am I doing something

wrong here?


Thanks in advance for your answer!