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Re: [php-dev] Existing Files

Just Create a new Project and set its directory to the directory your existing files lie in.

Jordy Boom schrieb:
I might be overlooking something here, but I'm trying to start a new
project out of existing files.

I know I can make a new project and import existing files, but I want
it to somehow just use the existing files so I can edit the website

If someone knows how to achieve this it would be helpful, as there are
no quality PHP editors out there.


The other issue is that I have a path with various library files. I
have succesfully added this to the Project's include path for

The problem is that if I right click on a class and choose Open
Declaration, instead of looking in the current source file to see
which files I am actually using, it will just pick the first
definition it finds in the Include path. So if I have 2 files in the
include path that both have a version of that class, it will
(currently) open the wrong file.

Is there any solution to this (or is a fix planned) or should I just
rename the classes?



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