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RE: [php-dev] Existing Files

Hi Jordy,

1. You can create a new project and in the first page of the wizard set the
project contents to the desired location instead of the default one which
appears (you will need to uncheck the checkbox for that).

2. Currently there is no way to know to which class you refer to, so it
picks the first one. Any suggestions?

Yossi Leon,
PHP IDE Project Leader

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I might be overlooking something here, but I'm trying to start a new
project out of existing files.

I know I can make a new project and import existing files, but I want
it to somehow just use the existing files so I can edit the website

If someone knows how to achieve this it would be helpful, as there are
no quality PHP editors out there.


The other issue is that I have a path with various library files. I
have succesfully added this to the Project's include path for

The problem is that if I right click on a class and choose Open
Declaration, instead of looking in the current source file to see
which files I am actually using, it will just pick the first
definition it finds in the Include path. So if I have 2 files in the
include path that both have a version of that class, it will
(currently) open the wrong file.

Is there any solution to this (or is a fix planned) or should I just
rename the classes?



Jordy G. Boom
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