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[photran] Fortran 77 syntax errors

Hi again,

I wrote yesterday about problems with code folding. I've found that the problem is that photran seems to not well recognize Fortran 77's free form. My file has an .F77 extension and in project preferences .F77 extension is set to be Free form with CPP preprocessing. I get complains about coments with the letter "c" and about line continuation with "&". I've fixed all that, even though ifort compiles it perfectly, but I get now new syntax errors that I can't understand.

I'm going to use images (screenshots) to ilustrate my problems, I hope it's not a problem.

The first error is in this line (in an image so colors can be seen):
      Inline image 2

Error: TDSE.F77 contains syntax errors and may not be refactored correctly. Resource:  TDSE.F77 Path: src/ TDSE.F77 Location: line -1 

I don't know why "size" is in a different color and in italics.

And the main problem that I'd like to solve is "linking" with include files. I mean, I have a lot of sintax errors because I declare variables with types defined in some external .h includes. I think photran is not considering this includes or not finding the files. I have this 2 CPP lines in my F77 code:

#include "finclude/petsc.h"
#include "finclude/petscts.h"

In project properties > Fortran General > Path and Symbols, in tab "Includes" I have set for GNU C++ "TDSE/Include" (workspace folder) and for Fortran "TDSE/Include/finclude" (workspace folder).

In project properties > Analysis/Refactoring these are my settings:

Inline image 4

This is my project folder hierarchy:

Inline image 3

Sorry for the length, I just tried to give the maximun info about my settings to make this clearer. Any help will be welcome. Thanks,