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[photran-announce] Photran 4.0 beta 5 now available

Photran 4.0 beta 5 is now available.

This version adds
* Fortran 2003 support
* A new error parser for gfortran
* Find All References
* Hover Tips
* Move Saved Variables to Common Block refactoring
* Support for the Intel® 64 platform and Intel® Fortran 11.0

If you already have beta 4 installed from the update site, you should be able to click Help > Software Updates, choose Photran from the list of Installed Software, and click Update. If that doesn't work, click Uninstall, and then following the instructions for a fresh installation:


Thanks to Stas Negara, Bill Hilliard, Jungyoon Lee, Kun Koh, Nam Kim, and David Weiner for contributing code to this beta.