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[photran-announce] Photran 4.0 beta 2 now available

The second beta release of Photran 4.0 is now available; it is intended to run on Eclipse 3.3.1 with CDT 4.0.1.

This beta fixes a number of bugs, including all of the parser bugs that have been reported. It also includes significantly improved syntax highlighting. And more features are in the works.

Please note that the Managed Build System changed significantly in CDT 4.0, so the New Project wizards look different in this beta than they did in beta 1. Also, program analysis and refactoring support must be specifically enabled in a project's properties for refactorings and the Open Declaration action to work. See the Documentation and Refactoring pages on the Photran web site for more information on these topics.

Please remember that solutions to common problems (e.g., running out of memory) are described on the FAQ on Photran's web site, and comments and questions are always welcome on our mailing list.

Thanks again for your continued support.

The Photran Team