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Re: [phoenix-dev] Marketplace RESTish API

Nathan Gervais schrieb:
> Iâve finalized the initial implementation of the Marketplace RESTish
> API.  In a true REST scenario we would be allowing for Create / Retrieve
> / Update / Delete capabilities but in this case weâre only offering a
> retrieve feature.

Thanks for working on this. I'm pretty sure that this might be helpful
and someone starts creating some apps out of it soon. :)

> You can find the documentation here http://wiki.eclipse.org/Marketplace/REST

I had a quick look and I was wondering if the "xml" in the URI would be
a good choice long term. For example, REST is about content types and I
could imagine that JSON would be good to have as well.

> Iâve tried to make it simple to use / parse.  The hope here is to
> eventually have something in Eclipse that will allow browsing of
> Marketplace directly.  Any comments / questions are appreciated.

Will you create a Java API for that? ;)

Anyway, here are some good readings for API design and web/rest-style



Gunnar Wagenknecht