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[phoenix-dev] New Beta homepage


As you know, we've been leading efforts to make our website easier to use for Eclipse newcomers and users, while not forgetting the needs of our committers and our developer community.

Because we're working on many fronts at once, it's sometimes hard to track all the feedback we're soliciting.  Overall, I believe the community acknowledges that we're trying to make the site a better place and thank us for it. Here's a summary of the RFC bugs:

Home page beta: Bug 159588
- I think there's a lot of great feedback in this bug so far
- People seem to like the Categories section and the visual cues (icons, screenshots)
- The common pain point so far is that it's too cluttered towards the bottom

Project categories pages: Bug 155235
- I think the common pain point so far is the actual category names.  I'll add this to the agenda of this week's call.
- No feedback on the page layout and look possibly means it's very good!  Kudos!

Resources page: Bug 152488
- Common pain point seems to be that the page is heavily loaded initially, and some work around the navigation needs to be done.
- Because the page is now live at http://www.eclipse.org/resources/ I suggest the bug opener should summarize the feedback received, open separate bugs for issues that we intend to fix, then close the RFC bug as "fixed".
- So far in October, Resources is the #4 destination on our site, after the homepage, downloads and viewCVS.  This has quickly become a very popular landing page.

Thanks to everyone for the hard work.


Denis Roy
Manager, IT Infrastructure
Eclipse Foundation, Inc. -- http://www.eclipse.org/
Office: 613.224.9461 x224
Cell: 819.210.6481