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Re: [phoenix-dev] Bugzilla structure

I think that our external viewers just see the website as a single entity and don't care about the technology behind the scenes. Thus I vote we should have a single Community/Website bugzilla and close down the Phoenix one.

I don't mean to be argumentative, but if the Phoenix project was run by a body other than the Foundation, there wouldn't be such a component as Community/Website. Right now, Phoenix is the only project that has Bugzilla components in places that don't follow the normal project structure. Although I agree that Community/Website is more meaningful than Technology/Phoenix, I'm just not sure why the Phoenix project would have the luxury (over every other project) of having components outside of its project structure only for the fact that they are more meaningful to the external viewers.

Perhaps I'm just getting something wrong.

Denis Roy
Manager, IT Infrastructure
Eclipse Foundation, Inc.
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