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RE: [phoenix-dev] Bugzilla structure

I would suggest that following changes:

Home - (Nathan)
Community - (Nathan, Susan)
Membership - (Donald)

Ian Skerrett
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Eclipse Foundation, Inc. 
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I'm not sure what it is you own yet... I'm grouping you under Ian.  
We're all grouped under Mike.

How about this:

- Articles (Wayne)
- Home (Mike, All)
- Community (Ian, Susan, Nathan)
- Membership (Ian, Nathan)
- Downloads (Denis, Matt)
- Projects (Bjorn)
- AboutUs (Mike, All)
- Search (Denis, Matt)
- News and Mail (Denis, Matt)
- eclipse.org-comon (Denis, Matt)

Nathan Gervais wrote:

>Am I that easily forgotten?
>Nathan Gervais
>Web Developer
>Eclipse Foundation [http://www.eclipse.org]
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>To: For developers on the new Eclipse.org website project.
>Subject: [phoenix-dev] Bugzilla structure
>Phoenix committers,
>We currently have two locations where website bugs can be filed:
>- Eclipse Foundation/Community
>- Technology/Phoenix
>I'd like to merge the Community/Website and Community/Articles into 
>Technology/Phoenix. I'd like to structure Technology/Phoenix as such:
>- Articles (Wayne)
>- Home (Mike, Ian?, Susan)
>- Community (Ian, Susan)
>- Membership (Ian)
>- Downloads (Denis/Matt)
>- Projects (Bjorn)
>- AboutUs (Mike)
>- Search (Denis/Matt)
>- News and Mail (Denis/Matt)
>- eclipse.org-comon (Denis/Matt)
>Each of us would be the owner of our respective components.  I would 
>also get rid of some of the existing Phoenix components, such as 
>Content, ContentMgt, and User.
>This change would help reduce the confusion between the Community and 
>Phoenix components, and would help define content ownership for each of 
>the website sections.
>Any thoughts?

Denis Roy
Manager, IT Infrastructure
Eclipse Foundation, Inc.
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