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Re: [pdt-dev] PDT 5.1 end game

Hi Kaloyan, 
I just wanted to put all my patches in the 5.1 release, if i understand well, it will not be the case? 
Fixing all these use statements validator bugs was an important thing, delaying them to another release is a bit sad.
But ok, the pdt editor is anyway broken in other areas and needs more patches to work better again. 

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Objet : Re: [pdt-dev] PDT 5.1 end game

Hi Thierry,

While I was on vacation, there was no RC3 release. I assumed that there is nothing urgent for the PDT 5.1 release. So PDT 5.1 RC2 was the last build contributed to Oxygen.1. This is where I put the R5_1_0 tag yesterday.

What does exactly worry you? Any important fix that should be in Oxygen.1?


On 09/19/2017 05:56 AM, thierry blind wrote:
Hi team,
can somebody confirm me that 5.1 release will include all patches from master until patch https://github.com/eclipse/pdt/commit/b1172613ad4811f3ac91c8aba318e305030ccb60 included ?

The only R5_1_0 tag I see is from 29 August, and that worries me...


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Hi team,

just for info, in my case I won't be available from 9 to 30 september ;)


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Objet : [pdt-dev] PDT 5.1 end game


Just a reminder that the Oxygen.1 release is around the corner and so does PDT 5.1.

Important dates:
- Sep 6: our RC3 contribution must be ready
- Sep 13: our RC4 contribution must be ready
- Sep 18-26: quite week
- June 28: Oxygen.1 GA

I won't be available next week. So, someone else must do the RC3 contribution to SimRel.

@Dawid, could you do this for me?

Like with the previous release, my recommendation is that we finish the PDT 5.1 changes with RC3 and leave RC4 only for serious regressions.

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